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The carving art using stone with Cambodia’s local artisan

Stone sculpting is a truly delicate yet beautiful art. You would need to put lots of concentrations on each of your motions and constantly adjusting your strength to not break the stone. But once over, the result would comfort your heart because that result, that figure is the embodiment of the time, energy and focus you’ve been working for.


Why choose this experience and what you will learn?

After visiting the Angkor temples and seeing countless intricate carvings on the walls, many would feel overwhelmed. But let not the fatigue get to you. To truly understand the craft of stone masonry, the meaning behind all the intricate details and even traditional techniques that have never been shown to outsiders through this hands-on workshop.


Who is a master of stone sculpting in Siem Reap, Cambodia? Who are Haystome?

In all honesty, at first I thought that stone sculpting was but a very messy and physically demanded task. But after visiting and interviewing Mr.Pov Peuy, I got to hear his story of his passion. I asked why he loves doing stone sculpting so much, even to this day. He simply replied, ”I enjoy doing this and it is also my hobby.” When I went home that day, I started to do a bit more research on how stone sculpting work, and I was right! It does require physical work but I also found some images of hand-sculpted figures and they just left me with the feeling of ‘WOW!” Mr. Pov Peuy is a kind uncle, a partner of Haystome, has been a master of stone sculpturing for over 2 decades since 1996 but his passion for this art rooted back to his early years in life. Although his passion toward sculpting was ever so growing, due to family circumstances he was forced to stop for quite a long period of time. 5 years later, his family situation started to stabilize and his passion was rekindled, but was fuel with even more passion than ever. Thanks to his commitment to stone sculpting, his skill in the art grew so much that he became a master in stone sculpting. Even after becoming a master, he is still learning and his love for the art reflects beautiful on the figures he sculpted. Mr. Pov Peuy and his mastery in stone sculpting were recognized by Haystom, the best digital platform that aims to promote local arthritic arts, and provide booking services for various authentic art experiences. The master class provided by Mr. Pov Peuy is great and well suited for beginners. So if you’re just starting, taking this class will give you some basic knowledge and ideas on how the concept of sculpting figures out of stone works. He normally have his class sculpt some lotus flower figures, since they are the easiest one to make and he is also there you guide you every steps of the way. I should also mention, if you’re a beginner and you try to sculpt the figure yourself the result would be horrid. Thus I encourage tourists, and even local, who are interested in stone sculpting and the beauty and satisfaction that comes with it, to come and take Mr. Pov Peuy master class in Siem Reap , Cambodia. The information can be given to you via website,


Why I feel in love with the art of stone sculpting

Even though stone sculpting is a physically and concentration demanded work. The satisfaction you feel afterward will be worth the trouble. Me, myself, I’m a man who loves and admired art but was only for their beauty and aesthetic. Never once had I care what’s the process on how they were made at all but once I witness it, how they make them, my heart went “bing!” They were messy but almost every step they take in completing their work was just jaw-dropping. Now, now I know that the thing I love is both arts and the process they took to make them. I fell in love with them. No, not the artist but the process of how arts, the arts that I love so much and dearly are made This world of ours is vast and I know, I know that there are other arts lovers are out there. I, I ask every single one of you guys and gals out there to pursue the beautifully made or crafted arts out there and to also appreciates how they were made. Stone sculpting, out of all the arts out there, why, why did I specifically speak about this and not some other popular arts like Painting, Sketching, etc, is because stone sculpting is a very historical way people in the past use to create images and/or figures of a person or an object. And till this day, this arts has only been practice by a select few thus the decline of this wonderful art is so depressing, in my opinion.


What defines “True Arts”

Using the excuse that thirst days we cam access 3D-printers or molders for this sort of things is just wrong. It may be nice, it may be symmetrically and might me art, but it is not ‘true art’. Using a person soul, accessing and imprinting a person imagination on to a rock is ‘true art’. They must have the passion in creating their sculptures, you, the art-lovers, will feel the moment you have them in your sight and even more when you feel them with your palm. Thus, again, I encourage you guy, the readers, the arts-lovers, into start seeing and appreciating the sophisticated art of the delicate yet wonderful art of stone sculpturing. It is truly sophisticated, wonderful, beautiful and by far one of my favorite style of arts & thus again pay this truly historical and aesthetic art style and please help promote it so that future generation can also appreciate this art of Stone Sculpting as well, and who may know they might just be more of an art-enthusiast than we are and can further help promote the future of stone-sculpting even more.


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