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Khmer Traditional Cuisine cooking

Traditional food are the dishes that have passed through generations or which have been consumed many generations. You might have seen and tried so many kinds of food in your life. But have you ever experienced or tasted Khmer traditional food and cooking it at the same time? Meet Mrs Vipha, our local chef will guide you through everything. Oh wait one more thing, you will get an experience with a new local transportation too. 

Who is she?

Mrs Vipha is a local chef with 9 years of experience and her job was inspired by her parents. She lives in Krobey Real village which is in Siem Reap province. She has one daughter who is her great helper during the busy day.

What has she made?

The class consisted of cooking and exploring the village which usually takes 3hours long. The visitors can request her for different kind of Khmer food or which one they like. However, the food she will show and teach the visitors to cook usually 3 main dishes. There are 2 Fried and 1 soup. Yet, the most famous food that Mrs Vipha always cook for the visitors is Amok. It is referred to the process of steam cooking curry  in banana leaf. Thick coconut cream and galangal leaf are the classic ingredients. Amok is a major national culinary tradition in Cambodia, also popular in Laos and Thailand as well. What’s more? Visit Mrs Vipha today! 

Interestingly, she also takes the visitors along to see the beautiful views of the countryside and they can also experience and ride on a traditional transportation which is called oxcart. The traditional oxcart has been an important feature in Khmer culture for hundred years. She will  guide people (visitors) to explore the Krobey Real market (local market) to see local people selling vegetables, meat, items and so on. Continue the journey by taking an oxcard adventure will take approximately 20-30minutes, you will enjoy the fun/sightseeing on the oxcart ride within the village, maybe you can hear the kids welcome you by saying “Hello” also passing the vegetable garden or maybe you want to jump from the oxcart to help the local farmer growing the vegetables. When you are done with riding an oxcart you will be back to Mrs Vipha’s home and you will see t tables full of different ingredients that she will teach or show you the food she is going to cook today as well. 

What will you get from this experience ?

As can be seen, visitors will have tried our Khmer traditional dishes with a natural taste of our local chef. Moreover, experiencing the local culture is a huge part of traveling

and especially trying traditional food is largely connected with that cultural experience. Importantly, local food is fresher and tastes better. Fruit and vegetables that have been for days in the back of a truck aren’t going to taste like the ones that have picked from the farm in minutes. Also, It might be your extra challenge that eating something you have never had before. Last but not least, so many foreigners visitors might have not tried riding an oxcart and this could be their un-missed chance which every visitor will not forget to ride an oxcart when they are coming to the countryside or village in Siem Reap to see the real nature of the town. You will also enjoy learning about Khmer culture and enjoy the company of friendly local villagers which you have not known before.

Why should we support Mrs Vipha?

Many people growing up in this world are having different majors in society. However, Mrs Vipha has been raising her life involved with Khmer culture passing generations to generations. She sacrifices and spreads our Khmer traditional food to the world which not everyone can do. Even though she knows it is not gonna make life become easier and easier still, she is not giving up for what she made for. She has taken her precious times for all the visitors and we can see that she is really happy with it. 

What have I learnt from Mrs Vipha?

As a kid and now, I only know how to eat everything that my mom cooks for. I do not understand or know what is special food and traditional food. I eat it whenever I feel that it is delicious. But everything had changed after I met Mrs Vipha. To me, she is a really great chef just like my mom but she has explained me through everything including ingredients, the name of the local food and clearly explained to me about it. I was really surprised that day because of knowing that I had eaten those kinds of food everyday yet, I know nothing about them. For example the Khmer famous dish, Amok. I had tried it once in my life but back then I did not know how special it is. Besides, I only know it tasted delicious and amazing. After seeing her, I had asked her through it and she had showed everything to me and I was like, “Wow”. Then I realised, not everything is made for nothing it has it own reason, you just do not know about it. Lastly, I had a fun and fantastic time with Mrs Vipha.

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